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My New Album is Coming Soon

My latest album was released back in 2008, I believe and I have been trying to release a new album since. Life continues to happen to me. This new album will be uploaded to Spotify & iTunes soon. To all my followers, that go back twenty three years ago to when I first began, thank you for your patience and always supporting my music. I deeply appreciate my 141 listeners on Spotify. I am definitely not ashamed. I am very proud and thankful. You guys mean a lot to me and you definitely deserve new music from me. Hopefully I can have 200 listeners one day. Keeping you posted.

"Butterfly" is Eli Secody's first ever award nomination, he won the "Best Male Artist" Award at the 2005 Nammys. "Butterfly" is like no other. It's a contemporary Native American Church album and it's here in a positive way.

With his smooth melody and charming expressions. Award winning artist Eli Secody chants his way into your heart with his hand drum.

Secody's Style showcases compositions with some Navajo Tradition, a touch of Round Dance flavor, and the sweet harmonies of The Native American Church, all with a contemporary blend.

Award Winning Native American Recording Artist Eli Secody, has a unique melody with his Native American Hand Drum vocals and Native American Church compositions, that has been capturing hearts from his first recordings to today.

Beauty way - Eli Secody
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