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Portrait Gallery

Here are a few people I had the opportunity to photograph. If you are interested in a photo session. Contact me.  

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Tamia Tsosie
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Eli Secody's 2023 Navajo Calendar

Photo above: Calendar Cover Girl Laurell Begay hails from Farmington, New Mexico. When I photographed Laurell for the calendar. Somehow it was brought up that she was helping patients in the Covid unit at the hospital. I immediately had this thought telling myself, "This is your Cover Girl." 

Publisher: Eli Secody 

Graphic Design & Photography by Eli Secody

Front Cover Model: Laurell Begay

Back Cover Model: Nicole Mohawk Begay

© 2024 Eli Secody LLC. All rights reserved.

2023 portrait calendar-back cover.png

Back Cover Model: Nicole Mohawk Begay doing the signature Eli Secody "Haadi" Pose. 

I send my deepest sympathies and condolences to everyone that lost loved ones during the pandemic. I told myself that I wanted to produce another calendar once the coast was clear to start working with everyone again. 

I hope the models inspiring brief story of their experience of the pandemic inspired everyone on a positive note. I know that their small paragraph did not cover half of their story but I hope everyone can use this calendar to practice their Navajo months and days in our Navajo Language. Including myself and my family. God bless and I wish nothing but the best to everyone.  

Calendars & Magazines

Here are some of past projects that I produced and photographed. Other photographs for the magazines will credit other photographers. Not all of publication projects are featured. I will post more covers as time goes on. I just wanted to get a few covers up for now.  

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