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Sharing Hozho Nahasdliin at the Amangiri

Hozho is a state where you are situated and existing and functioning in a harmonious relationship with the earth, the sky, the wind, the four seasons and with human people. 
By Eli Secody | Published: February 18, 2024 




My name is Eli Secody. My last name Secody refers to my great paternal grand parent. His name was Tsii'gohdii Hastiin, "the man with a chop hair cut". They couldn't pronounce his named properly so the government just ended up calling him, the Secody man. He was born in 1879 and then he past away in 1986 and he was from the Whitemesa Arch, just north of Red Lake, Arizona.  He was also known as Sonny Secody. 

I have the opportunity to welcome the guest of the Amangiri with some of the basic stories of my Navajo People to give them an understanding of the land and culture. I am thankful to have been featured in Forbes Magazine's article,  "The Amangiri And Amangani Resorts Set Amidst The Wilderness Combine Good Design, Luxury And Wellness."  Furthermore, I humbly mention that the Amangiri Resort has share the spotlight with me in their feature in The London Times Article, "Amangiri: The world’s most glamorous campsite is in the Utah desert." 

If you are a guest at the Amangiri. You can join me at my Navajo Storytelling that is included with your stay. This is called the public storytelling that is offered to all the guests. Another option is that if you want a more of a private storytelling, you can also request that at the resort as well. Thank you. 


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Earth Surface People featuring Eli Secody - Amangiri, Utah - Aman

Surrounded by thousands of square miles of untouched scenery, Amangiri neighbours the largest Native American reservation in the US. Among the passionate team of Navajo artists working with Amangiri is Eli Secody, who highlights the harmonious living of the Navajo people with this region, its wildlife and the Earth. Eli Secody, a Navajo Native American, that brings the dazzling charm and contemporary storytelling of the Navajo people to Amangiri. Ochre in the morning light, apricot by midday, dazzling pink at dusk, the geology of the Grand Staircase-Escalante couldn’t be more dramatic. Residing in 600 acres of the Colorado Plateau, and requiring an Act of Congress to be passed so it could be built here, Amangiri blends into countless untouched square miles of red rock country. In the last remnant of the truly wild West, this ‘mountain of peace’ is cradled by the greatest concentration of national parks in the United States – a staggering landscape of canyons, mesas, mountains, gorges, rapids and desert, with traces of human life dating back more than 10,000 years. (Credit: Amangiri, YouTube Channel)

Navajo Back Country for Danner Boots with Eli Secody

A short documentary filmed by Isaac Johnston. It is about my life as a Navajo Tour guide in the slot canyons of Arizona. 

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